1. What is SUPRANUSA Rubber ?
SUPRANUSA Rubber is a trusted international brand name of high quality Rubber Matting and Flooring, made from natural rubber materials since 1993. SUPRANUSA Rubber will provides comfort, and safety flooring, easy instalation, reduce the risk of injuries, reduce fatigue problems, and will provide more productivity for users. Supranusa Rubber has been proven to be world leader in rubber products.
2. Which application areas can we use SUPRANUSA Rubber ?

SUPRANUSA Rubber has extensive range of application areas. SUPRANUSA Rubber could be used both indoor and outdoor application for Agriculture (Horse stable flooring, Walling mat, Horsebox mat, Ramp Mat, Paddock tile, Horse Walker mat, Livestock mat, etc.), Industrial (anti-fatigue, rubber flooring, sound insulation), Household (Entrance mat, Door mat), Automotive (Car Floor mat, Garage mat, Truck Bed mat, Trailer mat), Footwear, Sports and Recreation (Fitness Equipment mat, Golf mat). Basicly, SUPRANUSA Rubber can be used anywhere you can think of.

3. What is the excellences of using Supranusa Rubber compare to other brands?

SUPRANUSA Rubber mat were produced from natural rubber materials. It will have better quality, elasticity, comfortable, and will have longer durability. Supranusa Rubber available in Jumbo wide of single piece mat (up to 4.2m wide) and Extra wide Roll Mat (with up to 3m wide), Comfort matting (with rubber foam underlay), Interlocking System mats, and has Various profiles and thickness.

4. What is the benefits of using Supranusa Rubber for my stall ?

Nowadays rubber matting has become important part for Equine and Livestock industries, and other application areas. SUPRANUSA Rubber will provide comfort and safety flooring, reduce the risk of injuries, reduce cost of bedding, workers, and flooring maintenance costs, provide a warmer stables or room, and also clean and hygienic stables or flooring for more productivity. There are more other benefits of using rubber matting better than concrete flooring.

5. What is the use of Nylon Inlay insertion for heavy work out mats?
 SUPRANUSA Rubber produced with optionally Nylon inlay insertion in the middle of the mat. This method has been proven to keep rubber mat from expanding caused by heavy animals and traffic, extreme weather changing, and will also add tear resistance of the mats. SUPRANUSA Rubber manufactured from Natural Rubber materials, they have good elasticity, comfortable and will have longer durability.  Supranusa Rubber has available thickness from 8mm - 30mm thickness. The easiest rules is "the heavier the weight, than the thicker mat needs to be".
6. How to remove Snow, Dusts, and Dirts from the mat?

SUPRANUSA Rubber products are very easy to maintains and cleans. By using plastic shovel or just pour out with water, snow and other dirt will easily cleaned up. Besides, Rubber are attract and absorb the sunlight, this would allow snow to melt quicker.

7. Does SUPRANUSA Rubber get slippery when wet?

NO, SUPRANUSA Rubber mat is not a slippery mat. It is a non-porous mat which has comfort and strong grip profiles at the top side, and drainage profiles at the back side. SUPRANUSA Rubber are non-absorbent matting which has non-slippery surface, which will avoid bacterial growth. We will suggest you to keep use bedding for stable flooring, no longer needed for comfort but only to absorb urine and other waste water.

8. How to prepared the stall floor before installing rubber mats ?

SUPRANUSA Rubber mats could be placed over any level, compacted base. If your stall flooring has a hard base i.e. concrete, you just need to clean the floors and placed the mats in the stall. If you have dirt, clay, or other hollow in the floors, fill the holes with material that will compact well, and placed the mats in the stall. For certain barns, the floor needs to have slope about 3-5% to flows water for hygienic stables. 

9. What if I have large barn and stall flooring to be cover?

SUPRANUSA Rubber has available products in Single piece mat and Roll mat which is rarely manufacturer could produce it. We have a  Rubber Roll Mat up to 3 meter wide, and unlimited length with seamless connections. Also we could produce a single-piece-mat with up to 4.2m x 4.2m. There are many options for rubber matting, Single, Interlocking system mat, and Roll matting. No matter how large your stall's sizes are, SUPRANUSA Rubber will cover it! 

10. Does the rubber will get smelly ?
No, smell is only comes from urine or waste water that trapped by the porous matting. SUPRANUSA Rubber is a non-porous mat and non-absorbent mat. This will ensure that urine will remain on the surface, and bedding will absorb it perfectly. If the mats fitted tightly, this will ensures that urine can not seep under the mats to cause unpleasant smell. Also a good ventilation is a key on installation to cutting it down.